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After School Program - Transportation Provided

At Airpark Kids Zone's After School Program, children are picked up from school and safely transported to our facility. Once all kids are at the building and accounted for, our trained and fun-loving staff will ensure that your child burns off all their energy before being picked up by 6 PM.  

Our After School Program consists of one healthy snack - children are welcome to bring additional snacks if they would prefer a more hearty snack.​


We have a quiet spot available where kids can read and or complete homework. **Please note we only require homework time at the parents' request**

Our  After School Program is a constructive alternative to daycare. We provide a safe and exciting program for your child that they are eager to participate in! Transportation is provided from Hanover County schools to our facility where they start the afternoon with time for snack and an opportunity for active games and time with friends! 


Afternoon rotations begin as they are separated into age appropriate groups and participate in our fun, active zones

Fat Fridays and Teacher Work Days include crafts, science activities, movies, friendly competition and more!  We have full time and part time rates for you to choose from. Find out all the details (prices, program specifics, etc.) and how to register by clicking here. 

Schools we pick up from: Kersey Creek, Pearson's Corner, Cool Springs, Rural Point, Elmont, & Washington Henry.


We also pick up from Chickahominy & Oak Knoll Middle Schools!

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