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2023- 2024 School Year Pricing
for No School Days

Unlike other daycares, you only pay for the days you come to AKZ!  

Based on what we have planned for each No School Day depends on the Activity Fee.  If we are going on a Field Trip an Activity Fee will be due at time of registration to cover costs for that day.

We don't have long drawn out contracts that lock you into weeks/months/years at a time but to insure we cover costs we now require 48 hour notice if your plans for after school.


 If 48 hours notice is not given you will be charged a $35 "no show" fee. 

We provide lunch for an additional $6 per student.  Keep an eye on our Facebook/Instagram as well as Brightwheel to know what's for lunch each day!

With the ever changing world we live in right now we are doing our best to keep prices steady but please note these prices are subject to change!

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