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The "Zones" at AKZ

At AKZ we have multiple different zones available for kids to play.  Students are grouped by age level and rotate throughout the day to different zones.  Groups spend 30 minutes in each zone so there isn't any time to get bored and it keeps all the activities new, fun, and exciting!


We organize our zone rotations so kids are active and playing for 30 minutes and then go to a more chill/relaxed zone to cool down before playing hard again! 


The Competitive Zone

Our arena consists of state-of-the-art walls and sport court, ideal for the thousands of games our trained counselors play with the kids! Some favorites are soccer, kickball, sharks & minnows, and more!!

The Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is just that...a cool place (we installed a separate AC unit here to really cool off quickly) to just sit and hang out after playing hard in the arena.  Inside Chill Zone we have a foosball table, a 65" Roku TV, as well as a second TV set up with a Wii console and dozens of popular games. 


The Game Zone

This zone is all about friendly competition when it comes to board & card games!  We have dozens of games to choose from as well as legos and building blocks.

The Craft Zone

Great for crafts and messy projects! Past favorites have been slime, tie-dye t-shirts, friendship bracelets and coloring. It's all about creating for the fun of it.

We have a LARGE fully stocked closet we built solely to house all our craft supplies.  It's organized from floor to ceiling from construction paper to beads to paint we have it all!


The Backyard Zone

This zone is used on nice weather days.  Our fully fenced in backyard offers an array of outdoor activities such as kickball, football, slip n slides, water fights, as well as a state of the art Gaga Pit!  

The Hoop Zone

Think you can be the next champion in a game of Knock Out? With two baskets at different heights, The Hoop Zone is perfect for all ages to play basketball and shooting games!  For those not interested in basketball we also offer 4 square and 2 square while in this zone.


The Xbox Zone

We have 3 55" Roku TVs each with their own Xbox 360 and plenty of controllers! Show off your virtual athletic abilities while playing NHL Hockey, MLB The Show, FIFA Soccer, and more! We also have dozens of other gaming favorites to choose from!  

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